Band Competition: Sanderson (click to see itinerary)



Sanderson Competition Itinerary


9:00am – Report to HHS

  • We will dress in uniform at HHS before we leave
  • Load equipment

10:10am – All meet in band room

10:25am – Dismiss to buses

10:30am – Depart for Sanderson HS

  • Bring a snack to eat on the bus!!!

11:00am – Arrive at Sanderson HS

12:00am – Warmup begins

12:40pm – End warmup

12:45pm – Gate/staging area


  • after we compete, we will undress and pack equipment
  • eat lunch at the competition $
  • eat dinner at the competition $

5:00pm – Leadership should be dressed for awards

5:15pm – Sanderson Exhibition

5:30pm – Preliminary Awards Ceremony



PLAN A – HHS makes finals                

 6:15-9:45pm – Dress, warmup, perform                    

* time will be determined upon placement               

from awards ceremony.  We will need to be             

one of the top 8 bands to make finals or a class


10:15pm – Capital Cup Awards Ceremony

Approx. 10:45pm – depart for HHS

Approx. 11:15pm – arrive at HHS

* unpack, discuss, dismiss (11:45pm)


PLAN B – HHS does not make finals

Approx.. 6:15pm - depart for HHS

Approx. 6:45pm  - arrive at HHS

*unpack, discuss, and dismiss (7:15pm)


  • EAT BREAKFAST before arrival at HHS that morning!!!
  • Don’t forget show shirts, black socks, and black marching shoes.
  • You will want to bring a snack to eat on the bus ride to Sanderson.
  • Bring moneyfor two meals (lunch/dinner) at the competition.
  • An email, text message, Tweet, Instagram, and Facebook post will be made informing parents of our itinerary following the awards ceremony. Students are also encouraged to use cell phones to call and/or text parents to let them know of plans.

TEXT MESSAGES: text “marchhhs” to 81010

TWITTER: @HeritageHS_Band

Saturday, October 27, 2018

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